exclusive Memoir Scenes

Picture 1: Showcasing my first fear of being scared to fall through the cracks on our back porch in Missouri.
Picture 2: With my comfort blankie that I took with me and sniffed everywhere. 
Picture 3: Playing with toilet paper or anything I can be creative with.

With my dad. I look back at these pictures and I can see his love for me now. 

My brothers’ friends always thought my mom was hot and my friends always thought my dad was hot. They’re a great looking couple. 

One of my Young Author Awards and attending the State Conference for it.

The Mummification project for one of the Science & Social Studies Fairs I won. 

Me. Awkward in trying to pose and dress like other people seemed to. 

Me trying to get good pictures of me but not knowing how to feel comfortable. 

PEANUT!! I miss him so much. 

My waitressing card I would always put at each table as I greeted the customers at one of my favorite jobs in high school: Maverick Steakhouse in Lincoln. Where I first got the nickname “Smiley.”

When I first got baptized during the Choir Tour. Aaron is to the left. 

The box of Aaron’s stuff that I still can’t get myself to throw away with a sneak peek. Literally HUNDREDS of letters and notes from him in this thing. 

My sister-in-laws with me and my mom. 
My brothers with my dad. 

Here’s my Grandpa Hoffman, the one who used to call me Smurfette and my Grandma behind him. 

With my first roommate my freshman year of college at Northwestern college. Stupidly still using tanning beds during this time. 

Getting my first two tattoos. Because why just get one?

The one who first made me a mama, my Easton Dean, born October 2015.

He has loved books from early on as much as I did. So I wasn’t surprised when he started writing them. 

And then my Camden Wayne joined us in April 2018. 

Turning these two not only brothers, but best friends. 

When I won my first award for The Remedy Files: Illusion.

Easton’s first published book: The Butterfly Tree!

The three of us today. My whole heart and my why behind everything I do.

The Damon Thompson Podcast episode about “Confident Rest” that made me finally understand that I’m wholly and completely loved, and enough exactly as I am.

My “Remembering Truth” playlist that I use a lot more walks, which has many of my favorite songs as I started walking with the Lord again. 

The HopeUC Nashville playlist, and is becoming one of the ones I listen to the most. Our church really knows good music. 

The playlist loaded with all the good nostalgia of the artists I used to listen to “back in the day”.