Enlightened: Evaline’s Journey

Evaline only knew bad days until a tragic crash- a seemingly terrible event- brought hope and restored life.

After Evaline awakes from the crash, she finds herself in the World of Darkness, unable to remember anything about the day before her arrival. She meets the Sun who asks what the one thing is that she desires the most. Evaline wants to find a home, a place she feels safe and secure, unsure if she had one before. The Sun honors her request by taking her on an arduous journey through the country, sky, and sea to find a home- but what she really finds is the courage to be her true self.

With fantastical worlds filled with wicked gnomes, floating pals, argumentative constellations, colorful friends and wayward sea creatures, Evaline must be braver than she’s ever been and learn what it means to follow Good, despite Evil’s attempts to tear her down.

Only when she arrives somewhere-in-between, is her entire journey’s purpose revealed.


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