Signed Memoir Pe-Order/Early Release – The Stories That Make Us


An early-release pre-order of “The Stories That Make Us”, special hardcover edition. The book’s official release is January 19th, 2024, but by purchasing this pre-order, you will receive your signed hardcover copy by December 15th.

“In ‘The Stories That Make Us,’ Lauren Eckhardt unravels the threads of the stories that when woven together form our identity. The stories we live through and the stories we tell ourselves make us who we are.
Lauren fearlessly delves into the shadows of her past, confronting the deep-seated shame that has held her back for years. These struggles, once kept hidden, are now laid bare, inviting readers to join in the collective human experience of seeking our true selves, love, and fulfillment. As she strips away the layers of pretense and facade, a raw and unfiltered truth emerges—one that challenges the stories she’s constructed and the identities she’s donned to please others.
Through Lauren’s unflinchingly honest account, she encourages readers to question the stories they’ve woven around their own lives, and to find the courage to shed the narratives that no longer serve them. In a world that constantly tries to dictate who we should be, this memoir is a poignant reminder that freedom comes when we remember who we were born to be and love ourselves exactly how we are.”



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