The Last Look

Haleigh and Josh always had the wrong kind of love, but they believed there was a reason they were in each other’s lives. For twelve years, their misguided pursuits tangled as they built their marriage on the expectations of what a happy couple should look like, despite the brokenness inside. Only once they unravel can the truth be set free.

When Haleigh discovers letters written by the very reserved Josh, she comes to understand him better than she ever has before. But only after an unfathomable event occurs and reveals devastating truths that both Josh and Haleigh have hidden for far too long.

The story of Haleigh and Josh involve more people than just them, proving every relationship in life- romantic or not- shapes the love we pursue. Far from the happily ever after in fairy tales, Haleigh and Josh’s relationship provides an intricate examination of the love we seek, the love given to us, and the love we’re deserving of, whether we acknowledge it or not.

Sometimes life grants second chances. And sometimes you have to believe you’re deserving of the right kind of love before the right love finds you.

**Please note this novel contains profanity, sexual situations, and alcohol consumption, and is not appropriate for minors. **



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