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Writing a book is a dream that may cross a person’s mind, but when it implants in your heart, that’s when you know it’s greater than just an idea, and is truly part of your purpose here in this world.

I don’t take that lightly.

Part of my passion in what I do is driven by the belief that if a specific idea has landed on you, there’s a reason you were chosen to bring that story to life. Not only is there a reason why you need to write it, but there’s someone who needs to read it written exactly in the way that no one else except you can do.

More than likely you’re here because you already know that’s true, but now you’re looking for the way to actually get it done. You don’t want to wait any longer. You know now is the time.

My job and purpose in this world is to give you the right tools, options, strategies, steps, solutions, feedback, and coaching to turn that idea into a completed manuscript so that it can finally be published and shared with the world.

Right now, you’re a person with a book idea, or maybe you’re a writer with some of your manuscript written, but I’m here to tell you that you can be the published author of your dreams— with a powerful book you’re proud to share with the world!— no matter your current circumstances.

Working with me, you’ll go from just having an idea to having a completed book by the end and more confidence in your author journey ahead.

And I WANT to be on that journey with you, guiding you to reach every one of your goals and dreams on this incredible path. It’s what lights me up, and I guarantee (and my clients can tell you), you’ll be lit up as well when we work together, discovering a newfound passion and excitement for the process of writing a book that you may have never had before.

How? By working one-on-one with an experienced and award-winning author, book coach, and ghostwriter so you don’t have to go at it alone or feel alone.

When you work with me, I’m with you the whole way.

Unlike writing courses, workshops or conferences, your book coach or ghostwriter is in this with you for the long haul. Not only will you learn the structuring, storytelling, messaging, voice, tone, and delivery skills you need to write a book, but you’re guided through the entire journey of writing, publishing, and getting your book into the hands of those it was meant for.

“Lauren Eckhardt and Burning Soul Collective made the journey of writing my memoir possible. She is a wonderful coach and encourager. The hundreds of hours we’ve spent crying and laughing together over the past year will always be some of my favorite memories. Lauren was a huge part of my sharing the story- her belief in why others needed to hear it.”
Gina Defa

Best Selling Author of "The Parakeet Drawing"

Ways to Work With Me: 


I have three options available to meet you where you are in your book writing process. Take a look at the options below, including the extra information since we are 100% transparent in what we offer and our pricing.

I work primarily with those writing memoirs, inspirational, and self help books, but also work in the realm of certain fiction genres and will let you know if I think we’d be a great fit.



Book Coaching


With book coaching, we work on elements of your book such as structure, voice, tone, message delivery, target audience connection, storytelling, industry expectations, and identify any gaps that may exist between the author telling what they know vs. what the reader still needs to be able to understand. We also set a timeline for when we want the entire book to be done, and I keep you accountable to the milestones we set.

What’s included:

  • 2 Monthly 1:1 sessions via Zoom for brainstorming and accountability
  • Regular check-ins via the Slack app so that you always stay on task
  • Review up to 5,000 words per week of your writing
  • Developmental critiques on your writing to further enhance your book’s message and impact
  • Timeline, milestones and accountability set for you so that your goals are reached within the timeframe set
  • Slack access to Lauren between sessions so you can ask questions anytime you have them


Package Price: $2,000 per month
or 3-months for $5,000


Interested? Book a Journey call to chat with me and learn more.
*Please only book a Journey Call IF this is a time and financial investment in yourself that you can make or email for more information.  

 Writing and Publishing Programs


We have two different writing programs based on the type of writer you are:


Burning Soul Press Writers: For those who simply want to write their book and understand the power of a community can change everything for how dedicated they stick to their goals. Writers come together for communal writing sessions via Zoom as they work together on their stories and hold each other accountable to their writing goals.

Join Here
Program Price: $37 per month 


The Soulful Author Journey: For those who want to turn their manuscript into a book and know this author life is part of their greater impact and purpose to make a difference in this world, this program will help you write, publish, and promote your book so that it changes lives.
Program Price: $997 to join and then $97 per month for every month that you want to stay in the program as you write your book. 




Ghostwriting is a service that takes the ideas and stories of the client and transforms them into books that fit the client’s authentic vision, tone, and vision. It is best for clients who have a very specific idea or concept for a book and are willing to provide the ghostwriter with the information and stories they need to be able to write the client’s book in the timeline set.

What’s included:

  •  A professionally-produced book (up to 65,000-words) telling your story in your voice (added picture inserts optional)

  • Up to 30 hours of interviews (working with you at various points throughout the project to gather your story)

  • Three consultation calls (initial, mid-point, end product) to walk you through every stage of the process and discuss strategy

  • Up to 15 hours of research to contribute facts and details associated to your story

  • Professional development and line editing with proofreading 

  • Interior layout design with finished PDF

  • Full Publishing Package: Cover Design, Interior Formatting, ISBNs, US Copyright, Distributed across all online retailers (Amazon, Barnes N Noble, etc) with 5 hours of Consulting in Book Marketing & Promotions while you maintain all royalties, rights, and control of your book. (If you choose a different publishing route, deduct $10,000 from the package total below.) 

To learn more about our full ghostwriting process, click here.


Package Price:
10 payments of $4,500
with $10,000 deposit

$55,000 total 

Or Fill Out the Information Below: 
(and I’ll be in touch within 24-72 hours) 

 “Lauren’s editing skills and one on one coaching conversations have been nothing short of amazing. She helped me to develop my book in ways that I hadn’t even considered – her guidance and input were invaluable. Our conversations were gloriously 75% randomness, 10% sarcasm, and 15% about my book, and yet she still managed to show me a whole new outlook. Lauren has become like family to me, so she is stuck with me lol. I’m so grateful for the help she has given me with my book. Thank you Lauren – you are truly amazing.”

-Kenneth Nixon Jr., Author of “Born into Crisis”
Kenneth Nixon Jr.

Author of "Born into Crisis: A Memoir"

Dr. Susan Maples

I owe a lot to my book coach (and publisher) Lauren Eckhardt, CEO of Burning Soul Collective! Her enthusiasm further convinced me that it was chalked full of messages every parent needed to have. I love writing but it’s hard to see your own flaws as you go. It was nice not having to worry about that. It’s amazing what power a single supporter has in helping another person unfurl their could-be-brilliant ideas in the form of a book.

Lauren Eckhardt is a structure expert.  She kept telling me not to worry about that until later….just to write the book.  That was excellent advice.  I organized many ideas under big, broad chapter headings that I felt encompassed (almost) all aspects of [my book]. With Lauren’s help, the rest fell into place.

-Susan Maples, Author of “Brave Parent”

Dr. Susan Maples

“Writing your first book can be both wonderful and intimidating. Are you getting your message across? Are you using the same phrases and wording too often? Is your spacing right?  The list of worries is endless. Unless you are fortunate enough to have Allison on your team! Her ability to hear your voice in your storytelling is her biggest strength. She then edits with amazing talent to make sure all those fears are taken care of. I loved the word and phrase changes she made in “Walk with Me”!

She has an endless vocabulary in her beautiful mind and worked hard to make sure the flow of my message came across. She’s not afraid to ask questions or request more detail. Some things within my story which seemed obvious to me because it was my story now have deeper meaning to more readers because of her diligence. You need Allison as part of your book writing adventure!”

-Nita Kennedy, Author of “Walk With Me”

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